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MuseumGeek is dedicated to anyone who loves museums, visiting them, searching collections, browsing the dusty cases, enjoying their ambience and hitting the big travelling exhibitions; yet has been frustrated by the lack of centralised organisation needed in order to plan your trip.

The site's free gratis information is based around simple lists of museums, grouped by geography and alphabetically, and lots of hyperlinks to their websites and online shops.  At present, the site concentrates on UK museums although this may expand and additional image-rich goodies are provided to feed your interest; the kind of things we like to see ourselves, and you can also use the tabs over on the left to identify a personal guide, locate a re-enactment society (living museums mais non?) or to find the best research websites for the interested many.  

There is also a simple jump-station to assist with finding suitable accommodation and travel for your visits in the real world.  

The rest is easy.  All you have to do is enjoy your visit !

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The definition of 'museum'

noun: museum; plural noun: museums
A building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic or cultural interest are stored.  From the Ancient Greek 'Mouseion', which denotes a place or temple dedicated to the Muses (in Greek mythology, the patron divinities of the arts) set apart for philosophical discussion, study and the arts; especially the university building 'Musaeum' for philosophy and research at Alexandria by Ptolemy I Soter, circa 280 BCE.  Pausanias writes of a small Athenian hill in 5th century BCE opposite the Akropolis, with a location which housed paintings honouring the gods called 'Mouseion' after Mousaious, a man who used to sing on the hill and who died and was subsequently also buried there.  The earliest use in reference to English institutions was first recorded in the 1680s of libraries such as the 'British Museum' that displayed objects alongside its literary collections.

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